Hello and welcome to the wide, wonderful world of Teralim. My name is Adam and I’m your dungeon master. This campaign has been on hiatus, after the first session, for more than a few months now and as such the lore, geography and political scene of this world has RADICALLY changed. If you’re one of the players then don’t worry, the changes should have next to no bearing whatsoever on what you’ve already encountered. For anyone else joining us, welcome to the wild frontiers of Teralim.

The land of Teralim is ancient, it has stood for time immemorial. Beneath the twin moons, empires have risen, fallen and faded to the mists of time. Nobody truly knows the origins of this mighty land, and most of it’s denizens do not care. They believe their Gods created this realm, and they are content in that knowledge.

Across the plains and hills, near settled lands, countless small farming villages and hamlets dot the landscape. Filled with men and women tilling fields, raising livestock or extracting resources for sale. Most people have never interacted with the lords of their land, but simply pay taxes to them and abide by their laws. However these lands are ruled, and ruled closely.

In the South East lay Shandalar’s Desert, and in it, Endiere the Nation of the Banished. Long ago men and women cast out of their society were sent here to die amongst the swirling sands and ever present sun. But the resiliant survived and banded together creating a nation that would rise up as a power seen by the rest of the land. Now they are led by Arrondil Forrstheim. This is where secrets flow like water along the underground highways, dug under the earth to travel away from the hazards of sun and sand. A nation filled with criminals is sure to be a fertile ground for Thieves Guilds and mercenary factions.

North of here, across the Boundary River begin the foothills at the base of the Frost Tip Mountains. Deep in their bosoms lay the homeland of the Dwarves. A mostly xenophobic race, the Dwarves have lived in seclusion, barring all foreign entrants until a century ago, when the mighty stone doors of Steelhold city opened, and the combined armies of Hill and Mountain Dwarves poured out. They aided the armies of the day to push back the encroaching horde of Human Barbarians from the north, led by the Lord of Endless White across the Bellowing River and into the rich, unfrozen lands of the south. Now the Dwarven Collective is ruled by King Arryn Ironwood, an ancient Dwarf with a young wife and no heirs, leading a polite political war against his own advisors, who seek to usurp him and attain control of the city themselves.

Ice Grip Citadel, the seat of the frozen men of the north. Many years have passed since the last Human Invasion, but it is still fresh in the minds of many who still live in this land and once feared Barbarians in the night. Until recently they were ruled by their King, Velstadt Bearcharger but both he, and his rule of peace have come to an end. Now the clans are gathering in Ice Grip Citadel on the western cliffs of the White Wastes to determine who should lead them.

South of here is Forests Watch. A pure democratic society who’s Council must reach nearly unanimous decisions, before presenting anything for the populace to vote on. And even that will require a majority vote from the registered citizens. This city was founded originally as a haven for anyone who sought to study or explore the vast forests to the south, and was then updated to serve as a watch over the men of the north. With 40 kilometers of bare tundra north of the Bellowing River, they will detect any major military push southwards. But now the city is faced with a new problem, the forest is pushing back, encroaching on their lands and everyone but the elves seem to be suffering for it. Humans, Dwarves, Tieflings, all seem to be falling prey to a mysterious illness and the council cannot muster enough of a vote to begin investigations into it.

On the other side of the forest to the south are the immense Summers Lake Mountains. In a volcanic lake 80 kilometers wide sits a solitary island, on which was built the Arcane Tower. Home to the intellectual study of magics, and a seemingly natural focal point for natural magic energy, here it is that Wizards study and attempt to understand the nature of magic in our world. That said, the Circle of 8 who run the tower are still a political force to be reconed with. Their wizards scry the lands and provide an open and unbiased flow of information to the major holds, which then redistribute it to their communities. At the base of the mountains is the Fortress simply called, Ascent. Here it is that anyone who seeks audience with the Wizards of the tower must make the climb to the summit. Ascent funtions as the city proper for the Arcane Tower, while the tower itself serves as the intellectual and political head. Currently the Arcane Tower is shut to visitors, as the council is in deliberations over the prospect of adding a 9th member to the circle. A powerful wizard who has guarded the Grey Tower from the darkness of the Swamps of Ichtaka, and the Valenkin Jungle.

Though there are many settled lands in the world of Teralim, there are even more unsettled ones. Unquiet monstrosities lurk in the dark, beneath shadowing canopies gnoll warbands seek a new prey. Deep in caves Beholders plan ever more intricate traps and plans, while high atop mountains in solitary keeps, Vampires oversee the lands of the creatures they feast on. No matter where you go or what you do, adventure will await, treasures will be found, and fame will be earned. But you cannot save everyone, nor can you vanquish every foe.

The Restoration of Teralim

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