Teralim is a isolated island continent amidst an immense sea. Cut off from all ties around the world it’s people turn inward, focusing on their own problems. The spell casters to the south have stopped sending their regular missives to the Strongholds of Men, Elves, Dwarves and Dragonborn. There is evil, stirring beneath the ancient bastion of Steelhold. The men in the north have found less and less game to sustain them from the Ancient Forest. Fires regularly flare miles up into the sky from the secluded isle of Rash’katar. And the elves of Forest’s Watch have begun to quarantine some of their own. The continent is no doubt on the verge of upheaval. But, in the small island town of Two Rivers, adventurers will gather and talk around a mug of ale. All have heard some, but none have heard all. The lights are about to go out.

The Restoration of Teralim

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