Atranis Norixius

A Red Dragonborn Sorcerer with a predilection for explosions.


Str. - 10
Dex – 10
Cons – 14
Int – 13
Wis – 12
Char- 16

AC – 13

HP – 9

Arcana History Intimidation Persuasion

Weapons –
Quarterstaff – 1d6 Bludgeoning
Quarterstaff (2 Handed) – 1d8 Bludgeoning
Dagger – 1d4 Piercing

Combat Spells –
Fire Breath – 2d6
Magic Missile – 3x 1d4
Ray of Frost – 1d8
Shocking Grasp -1d8

Non Combat Spells –


Atranis was born to a family of Red Dragonborn, one of the oldest and proudest lineages in Dragonborn history. Nearly every member of this line went on to dominate fire in one aspect or another. Whether they became a blacksmith, using their flame breath to temper their metals in a way only a perfectly controlled flame could, or delving deep into the magic of Warlock’s infernal flames, imbued with the powers of supernatural entities. Atranis, deep in his blood, always felt a draw to the ancient magic that ran in his veins. His ancient draconic blood echoing the power of the Dragon Gods who created his race, time immemorial ago.

When Dragonborn reach the age of 3 they are roughly comparable to a 10 year old human, that being said, by his second birthday Atranis had already spent several months in the employ of a Sorcerer. His tutelage was nothing if not grueling, carrying mundane objects and tagging at his master’s heels for hours on end day after day. As he grew Atranis began to learn more and more each day, paying more attention to the different aspects of his masters magicwork. He would return to his room at the end of each day and try to replicate what his master did, causing an old wood beam to spontaneously generate light, forming a shield to hold insects at bay whilst he pored over ancient texts and tomes, and eventually being able to cast that fabled spell, Magic Missile (which was particularly handy for bringing a bird down out of the air when Atranis was feeling a bit peckish).

When Atranis was 23 his Master granted him the title of Sorcerer. Though he know few cantrips, and even fewer spells, Atranis now had everything he needed to go forth on his own and fulfill his own potential. His parting gift from his Master was one of the tomes he had so diligently carried for as long as Atranis could remember. Though it seemed to him that his master had never opened it once. As he left the tower for the last time, his Master’s words rang in his head, “To you, who will go forth and discover I grant this ancient script. It is sealed away with old magic, older than I ever have, and likely ever will encounter. It is plain enough to see that this book hides powerful magical secrets, but without further exploration I may never find them. So go, take this parting gift and scour every dark corner, every hidden scroll and learn all that you can, so one day perhaps my legacy will unlock these secrets. But be warned, I am not the only one to know of this book. One day others will come looking for it, and you must protect it with your life. Now go.” The tower eventually fell behind the horizon, and all that lay before Atranis, was all that he could explore.

Atranis Norixius

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