The Restoration of Teralim

The Forest Foray
By the Light of the Drelar Order

The Tiefling Fighter Ryo Toshiro, the Wood Elf Ranger Lia Nailo and the Dragonborn Sorceror Atranis Norixius all meet in the night, at the Knights Rest Inn, at the town of Two Rivers. The three responded to a public missive that went out, seeking adventurers to assist the town in an unknown problem. After a short standoff with the Innkeep, Bram Understone over the necessity of foreign people coming to town, a man named Antony Winnows burst in the door, crying that Goblins had taken the local blacksmith Eli and his wife Cathryn Geldin, as well as Cathryn’s father Horus Greywood. When the party questioned him, Antony pointed them south east, into the immense Boar Forest and towards the ruins of the old Drelar Temple. During the night’s travels, the party encountered two Wild Boars and slew them, but not before Lia accidentally wounds Atranis’ thigh with a stray arrow. Upon cresting a hill the party sees the temple laid out before them with goblins posted at the front door. Charging over the hill, the trio struck down the monsters and stopped before entering the temple to gather themselves. While they waited Lia spots a pair of eyes hiding in the bushes atop the hill and scares them off with a near miss of an arrow. When heading inside the party encounters a group of sleeping goblins in the antechamber of the Drelar Order Temple and quickly dispatch them as well. As the party looks around they discover the walls to be covered with stone relief carvings of presumably the knights of the Order, and their oath which read:

“I vow my soul to defend the secrets if the Drelar Order, and will return to this temple with my dying breath.”

After discovering the way out of the room, the party found a sacrifice already in progress. They defeated the three goblins defending a hobgoblin boss, but not before the Hobgoblin slew the local Blacksmith Eli Geldin. After the sacrifice had been completed a portal appeared, and out stepped a Tiefling, dressed in black and yellow robes, who expressed displeasure with the small offering made to an unnamed God. The Tiefling slew the Hobgoblin and dragged Eli’s body back out through the portal. Then as the portal shut, the body of the Hobgoblin began to morph and grow tall, and bulbous until now, it towers over the adventurers, preparing for their next battle.


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