Men of Ice

In Teralim humans are one of the younger races. Their homeland is that of the Frozen North, and here mountains glazed with snow and ice define the land between hilly tundras. The only way to survive in this land is to be as cold as the wind trying to freeze you where you stand. It has been a long time since vast domed buildings of Ice Grip Citadel were the only home of humans. Back then their only trade was war, and the Barbarian men of the North were often sought out as hired mercenaries for other nations. Loyal to nobody but their coin, these men and women were feared and respected by all.

A century ago their largest crusade against the southern lands of the continent were what spurred the Dwarves of Steelhold to pour out of their great gates to push the fearsome warriors back north over the Bellowing River. They fought them atop the mighty river, spanning a width of 20 kilometers where the Lord of the Humans had frozen a path with his fearsome sword Frost Brand.

Eventually humans diverged, some discovered magic while still others discovered that being small meant you were not so easily seen. They ventured forth from the frozen wastelands of the North to greener pastures. Today you may find Humans of all shapes, sizes and colors ranging across the entire world. Every job you can imagine from Court Wizard to blood thirsty Pirates, often has been or will be filled by a human.

Humanity has more creation myths than most care to tackle. Ask 100 different people and often you will receive 100 different answers. In the same vein, Humans may be the most lawful and righteous Paladin, or the darkest vile Warlock you can find. They are truly an enigma simply due to the nature of their own diversity.

Men of Ice

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