On Dragons and Dragon Born


The Dragon Born of Laveldrin

The Dragon Born of Laveldrin are said to be the children of the Ancient Dragon Gods, Bahamut and Tiamat. In their everlasting war, it is said that these Gods saw the potential of Mankind and sought to twist it to their own ends. These two all mighty beasts chose their greatest Dragon champions and tore their very essence asunder, recombining them with the power of humans. From these twisted experiments rose a new race, the Dragon Born. In the name of their chosen God, Dragons and Dragon Born fought battles lasting decades across the once flat plains of Laveldrin. It was in the center of these plains, that ultimately the commanders of either army set out to duel each other in ceremonial single combat. The Red Dragon Zymbat The Great, who commanded the army in service to Bahamut, and the Black Dragon Kalameet Of Sorrow Legionary to Tiamat. When they left, it was decided that whosoever lost, would yield their nation in servitude of the other. They met on the plains and there it was that their ancient and powerful magics met.

It is told in legend that when their powers clashed, the earth gave way before either Champion did. Mountains erupted from the earth and the force blasted Zymbat far to the North, his inferno still raging as the magma of Flame Mountain, while Kalameet was thrown south. Her body decaying and feeding the land that is now the Treesong Forest. Seeing that neither God would yield nor overpower the other, the dragons fled by color and took their Dragon Born with them.

But such is a story. Nobody knows anymore if these accounts were true. It has been countless ages since these events. Now the Dragons are sad masters of the land of Laveldrin. Few remain anymore, governing over the Dragonborn of their color. Over the years most of their kin have dispersed. The oldest Dragons flew off in every direction to seek their own lands, away from the home that tore their people apart. The Dragonborn live under a sole Dragon of their own color. Living humble lives of servitude to their King or Queen. These Dragon royalty are always reticent to have young of their own. In fear that they will either turn on each other to try and gain sure power for themselves, or turn on their parents when they grew.

It was not so long ago that Dragon Born first set foot on distant shores. The Dragon Born exodus began as an attempt to flee their lives under a ruler, to create their own clans, and live among themselves in self sufficient communities. Many boats were sank by a Red Dragons flames as they tried to flee, or a Blue Dragons lightning breath. Now there are pockets of Dragonborn scattered throughout Teralim. Though many still live in their place of ancestry.

On Dragons and Dragon Born

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